SUDS Support

The Seismic Unified Data System (SUDS) was originally created at the U.S. Geological Survey by Peter Ward and many others. In the late 1980′s, SUDS version 1 was ported to the 16-bit DOS platform and was adopted for use in the IASPEI Seismological Software Library. This version of SUDS has become known as “PC-SUDS” or “SUDS 1.x”.

We have supported SUDS since those early days and have coordinated the various changes and additions to the format over the years among its many users.  We are the original authors of the Fortran and C language callable SUDS I/O library and the venerable PC-SUDS Utilities package and continue to support this software and its worldwide user base.

Recently, with the kind support of Dr. Lani Oncescu at Geotech Instruments, we have ported a subset of the PC-SUDS Utilities package to the 32-bit Windows environment.  This package is called Win-SUDS and is available below and from the SUDS Home Page at Geotech’s web site.

Thanks goes out to Phil Dawson at the U.S. Geological Survey for providing support for the port of the 16-bit SCSITape program up to 32-bit and adding it to the Win-SUDS distribution.
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Win-SUDS Utilities (32-bit Windows)

Here is the latest release of the Win-SUDS Utilities distribution package.  This package includes the Win32 version of the SUDS I/O and PlotX graphics libraries along with the complete
source code.

  • Win-SUDS Utilities version 2.90 – 16 June 2003
  • See the release notes (8kb ASCII) for information about this and previous releases.
  • The Win-SUDS Utilities manual: Win-SUDS.pdf (61kb PDF).
  • The complete Win-SUDS Utilities version 2.90 distribution in a single self-extracting archive file: winsuds-2_90.exe (5,349kb).

PC-SUDS Utilities (16-bitDOS)

Here is the complete and final year 2000 ready version of the16-bit PC-SUDS Utilities distribution.  This distribution includes the SUDS I/O and PlotX graphics libraries along with the
complete source code.

  • PC-SUDS Utilities version 2.60 (Y2K) – August 1999
  • The PC-SUDS Utilities reference manual: PC-SUDS.pdf (2,286kb PDF).
  • The complete PC-SUDS Utilities distribution in a single self-extracting archive file: pcsuds-2_60.exe (11,853kb).

If you require assistance please feel free to contact us and make arrangements so that we can support you.